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Risk Management

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Risk Management is key to keeping your claims and premiums low! 


We provide sound level testing, ergonomic assessments, air quality monitoring, and safety training to our members.  See great resources and information below.

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CARF Accreditation

Zywave Safety Videos

Is your organization CARF accredited?  (Commission on Accreditation on Rehabilitation Facilities) We can provide assistance with the CARF required outside third party safety focused facility tour, contact Chris Lockwood.

Nonprofit Insurance Trust Catalytic Converter Reimbursement Program

The NIT Catalytic Converter Reimbursement Program effective 11/1/2022. See the attached for information on NIT's new program. 

Ransomware Prevention Guidance

Cyber security and ransomware have been at the forefront of many recent discussions with members.

We think you will find link below timely and informational. 

Zywave Learning Management System -  Our members have free access to Zywave Learning Management system. With more than 150 courses and new courses added monthly. . Automated reminder emails are sent to employees to keep them on track to complete the course within designated due dates. Employers are able to quickly see which employees have started or completed courses. If you are interested in reviewing a complete course catalog or would like to have access to the LMS contact our Risk Management team.

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